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The Senior Managers of Partners HealthCare at Home include:

Keren Diamond, RN, BSN, MBA
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Gary W. Garberg, MBA
Vice President, Business Operations

Maureen N. Chesley, MBA
Vice President, Strategy and Integration

Judith B. Flynn, RN, BSN, MBA, CHC 
Vice President Patient Care Quality, Compliance Officer

Deborah J. Sullivan
Director, Information Systems

Ann Marie O'Connell
Director, Human Resources

Mary Bures
Senior Director, Communications 

Octavia Moniz, PT, MBA
Clinical Director – North Region

Annemarie Martin, MSN, RN, BC
Clinical Director – South Region

Shaune Barry, MBA
Senior Director, Business Development

Becky Trask, MBA
Director, Finance 

Dana Sheer, ACNP, MSN
Director, Advanced Clinical Programs

Mary Campbell
Director, Customer Service


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