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How to Tell if Care is Needed

Choosing home care services is an important decision. In some cases, a doctor or case manager at a hospital will recommend certain services you can receive in your home after an illness, injury or surgery, which can help make your decision easier.

But in other cases, the need for home care develops gradually. So how can you tell if you or a loved one needs help at home? Some signs might be

  • Declining ability to wash and dress
  • Memory loss or forgetfulness
  • Significant weight loss
  • Difficulty finding words
  • Changes in speaking, understanding or thinking
  • Growing social isolation
  • Piles of unpaid bills and unopened mail
  • Household chores not being done
  • Family members live at a distance or are juggling many needs
  • Aging, dementia or the physical or emotional recovery from a health problem that requires special nursing care or simply a hand to hold

How Partners Can Help

When you choose Partners HealthCare at Home, you become part of a network of services with consistently high quality and proven expertise. We help patients and families find the physical, emotional and spiritual strength they need to improve and carry on.

We offer the broadest available range of in-home care services with the most advanced medical tools and technologies. Our highly trained nurses, therapists, home health aides and other professionals make sure that each person gets the right kind of care, at the right time.

We can help guide you in making a decision about home care. Our specialist will help you determine the right type and amount of care you need. We welcome you to call us toll-free at (844) 744-4200.